About Us


In 1962, Wilkie Brothers Conveyors pioneered remanufacturing conveyor chain and chain components.

Through continual process improvement, Wilkie has become the industry leader in remanufacturing technology.

Today, Wilkie is not only the leading remanufacturer but is also a major distributor of new components. Click here to see what we do.

If it's new or remanufactured...Wilkie is your "one stop" cost savings supplier.


Wilkie was the first to introduce trolley bolts with an anaerobic Teflon patch in combination with a locking jam nut.

Wilkie pioneered proof load testing for all chains we assemble. Proof load testing insures the integrity of the chain before it is installed.

Our chain wear monitoring system is used at many plants throughout our industry. This system will help you determine if the wear that current system has, as well as how much stretch your current chain has developed.

Product Line


All of our products are available new or remanufactured. Delivery times are short due to our huge inventory that fills our 140,000 sq. foot plant as well as 9 acres.

If your factory is down and you need emergency assistance... Wilkie is the one to call.


Our experienced and knowledgeable sales representatives throughout the United States and Mexico can provide solutions to your conveyor needs.

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