Trolley Assembly

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  • Wheel Assembly
  • Seal Assembly
  • Riveting Wheel
  • Grease and Cap Trolley
  • Trolleys Assembled
Wheel Assembly

The components for the wheel; the outer race, bearings and inner race are assembled using an automated turntable system.

Seal Assembly

Three seals; the inner, intermediate and outer are placed on the wheel

The wheel is then conveyed through a swaging press to lock the outer seal in position

Orbit Riveting Wheel to Bracket

An orbital riveting system is used to attach the wheel to a trolley bracket

Grease and Cap Trolley

Once the wheel is assembled to the bracket, it is greased and capped.

Our standard is a high temperature, high pressure molybdenum based grease.

Trolley are assembled to chain

The final assembly step joins the assembled chain and trolleys.

Chain Assembly
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